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Last month, someone who works for asked me if I would be interested in plugging their site as a potential resource for people interested in purchasing a tablet. They included a link to their page that outlines what they believe to be the best tablets on the market.

Thorough approach and great for newbies

Tons of people ask me what tablet they should buy, but many of them have different needs. It’s been my experience that many people don’t know what they need to look for when purchasing a tablet. does a great job explaining the basics for anyone to make a solid decision. I also agree with all their findings!

Click on the image to read’s helpful info on selecting the tablet that’s right for you.

Use their site for purchasing

To support these types of sites, it’s necessary to use their purchasing links so that they get a small residual from the sale referral. It doesn’t cost you anything and it comes out of the pocket of the seller. Using their links to make a purchase enables them to continue their work of testing and explains products for you.


Interested in iPad, you may want to wait

There’s talk currently that Apple will be releasing a new version of their entry-level iPad that will be cheaper. In 2017, Apple dropped the entry price for the iPad to $329 USD and in 2018 it’s projected that it will drop again to $259 USD. There are also rumors about a new iPad design in 2018 which will mimic the iPhone X and no longer have a home button. If any of these new potential developments are deal breakers for you, I would hold off making any iPad purchases until spring 2018.


I am posting this info to help people make a decision on making a decision on what tablet best suits them. This is not a paid advertisement and I am not being endorsed by in any way to post their review. I agree with the content and I think it helps people buy the best tablet without overspending for features that aren’t needed. I’ll be sharing their page to any future tablet enthusiast to shorthand the answer of what’s the best tablet out there!

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